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About Us


The mission of the Irondale Youth Football Association is to provide a SAFE & FUN football experience where players can learn the fundamentals of football.   We want players to learn what it takes to be part of a team and fill a role necessary for the player and the team to succeed.  We hope that after the season is over each player has become a better football player, but more importantly a better person.  If each player wants to return the following year and has told friends about it we have succeeded!


IYFA wants each team to have a POSITIVE coaching philosophy versus a win-at-all-costs approach.  A win-at-all-costs approach has only one goal - winning.  A positive approach has a more important goal of using this experience to improve as a player and as a person.

IYFA wants each player to:

  • Put forth maximum effort.
  • Continue to learn and improve.
  • Refuse to let mistakes (or fear of them), stop them.
  • Obey the rules.  Don't bend the rules to win a game.
  • Treat opponents and officials with respect.
  • Never do anything to embarrass your team on or off the field.
  • Live up to your own standards regardless of what others do.



Each Player:

  • Enjoys football as much at the beginning of the season as at the end of the season.
  • Improves in skill and knowledge of the game.
  • Has a chance to compete in a meaningful situation.
  • Wants to come back next year. 
  • Strives to make the team successful.
  • Has FUN!!!

These goals are top of mind during team formation.  For specific information about team formation options with 7th and 8th grade teams (i.e. weight-limited teams), please see the letter to 2015 parents, attached below. 


 IYFA is entirely comprised of volunteers, who work all year to try to make this organization successful.  The players are our number one purpose.


The Irondale Youth Football Association is governed by a set of bylaws which are attached below.  In 2015 the board is reviewing the bylaws for any necessary revisions, so if you have any specific questions, please contact a  board member

In addition to more details about the philosophy, rules, roles, etc, the bylaws contain the formal grievance process.  Please visit this page for more information about the grievance process.